What's in a logo?

A team’s crest should speak to the vision of the club.  This year Queen City Mutiny will re-emerge with a new look.  After two years operating under a different shield and name, the Mutiny is back on the pitch in the Queen City.  Being a small soccer club that caters to high performing individuals, the Mutiny continues to create a welcoming atmosphere while maintaining its exclusive membership at the highest levels of U.S. youth soccer.  Moving forward we wanted to present a team crest that is modern, timeless, and sends a message to players, parents, and our competition. 

charlotte youth soccer logo.png


Within the shapes of the crest our initials stand proud.  The gold rings of the circle make out the Q and the C of our home city's famous nick name. 


The M was the foundation of the design.  The Mutiny's original shield had the Tampa Bay Mutiny imagery which was made of two canons that cut out the rounded shape of the letter M.  We wanted an aggressive form to bring the M back.  We decided to place it dead center of the shield allowing its aggressive points to complete the knockouts that give the C and Q their shape.  Without the crest, the M can stand on it's own as a single symbol for the club's members.


You can't be based in the great city of Charlotte without incorporating the Crown.  Charlotte is our home, it's where we play, and its the city we aim to make proud. 


The color gold holds many meanings, but the two that represent Queen City Mutiny are "passion" and "achievement". Our organization and our members are passionate about soccer and work hard to achieve victory both on the pitch and in life. 


Black is strength. Authority. Rebellion. Our team bond is strong. Our coaches and trainers are authorities in the field of soccer development. Our methodology is a rebellion against the status quo of youth soccer clubs and youth development. We believe that a fundamental change in our systems will create a better future for young soccer players in the U.S.


Red shows our teams play with power. Our players practice with power. We empower all of our players to become better people, better players, and better teammates. 


Our philosophy and methodology breaks down this sport and allows all of our players to play the purest essence of the game. White, the purity, serves as our backdrop to everything we stand for. Focusing on the pure form of this beautiful game we have had successful beginnings. We never forget where we came from and what made us who we are today.

Our logo is our heart. Its the symbolic manifestation of everything we believe in and everything we want to be as coaches, as players, and as members of the Queen City Mutiny.

chris williams